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Honesty & Transparency

Your trust in us matters the most.

Quality of Delivery

Candidates will be on point. We don’t waste your time.

Timely Response

We are accessible on your time.

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Direct access to our team always.

Expertise & Experience

Years of industry knowledge from experts.

Innovative Solutions

We are dynamic problem solvers.

Honesty & Transparency

Your trust in us matters the most.

Quality of Delivery

Candidates will be on point. We don’t waste your time.

Timely Response

We are accessible on your time.

Our promise...

At the Global Edge, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible service to our clients. You deserve to have high expectations, and we promise to work tirelessly to exceed them. You can count on us to be your trusted partner.

Contractor solutions

Our comprehensive Recruitment and Contractor Solutions are designed to optimize your recruitment process and connect you with the industry's finest professionals.

Our global mobilization strategies streamline the deployment of skilled personnel across borders, making it effortless to expand your business operations. Experience unparalleled full-service support, from initial consultation to final execution, all while ensuring strict compliance with local and international regulations.

  • Recruitment
  • Global mobilization & immigration
  • Full-service support
  • Local and international compliance

What we offer...

Contingent Direct Hire

Our approach to direct hire provides a personalized solution to the challenge of finding permanent personnel to meet our clients’ key strategic workforce needs.

  • Quality and timely recruitment
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Talent Mapping and Benchmarking

Retained Search

Our Retained and Executive Search solutions provide fully supported single campaigns to multi-sourcing.

  • Retained and executive search
  • Campaign management
  • Talent mapping and benchmarking

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Getting the right people for your team is one of the most crucial steps for any successful business, but time, cost, and expertise sometimes get in the way of finding the best talent when you require it. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions allow us to take on the recruitment and onboarding of top talent for your organization so you can focus on other business-critical needs.

  • Reduced cost
  • Scalability
  • Quality talent
  • Timely and swift action
  • A global network of candidates

Advisory Group

Success means having the right talent at the optimal time. The Global Edge Advisory Core of Experts are high-level thinkers with decades of experience that can provide short-term or one-time expertise to ensure project success.

Managed Service Provider

Global Edge Managed Services, an extension of the Global Edge, is a managed service provider serving as an advisor to our clients and vendor partners. Our customized supply chain of recruitment partners acts as a council of staffing experts, each providing valuable skills and resources.

  • Comprehensive Program Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Diverse Contingent Workforce
  • Compliant & Risk Mitigation

Custom Workforce Solutions

Looking for a custom solution?

Please contact us today to see how we can help tailor our services to your needs and requirements.

The Global Edge supplies our company with contract staff that are highly skilled and display a deep understanding of ethics.

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