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The demand for expert software engineers and IT professionals is increasing rapidly as businesses launch new digital initiatives and begin supporting highly technical projects. The emerging technologies market requires niche and expert talent to ensure project success.

With our history of successfully supporting technical recruitment across technology and semiconductor projects, the Global Edge is globally positioned to enhance project needs through discipline-focused recruitment and custom talent solutions.

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IT Recruitment & Project Management

Recruiting skilled IT professionals and effective project management are essential components of any successful IT initiative. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, businesses must hire individuals who have the latest technical skills and experience to drive innovation and deliver results. IT recruitment involves identifying, attracting, and hiring talented individuals who have the expertise to contribute to the organization’s success. Project management, on the other hand, involves overseeing the planning, execution, and delivery of IT projects, ensuring they meet the required standards of quality, budget, and timeline.

Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is a popular strategy for companies looking to quickly scale their technology teams and expand their capabilities without the added expense and time required for traditional hiring processes. Staff augmentation involves hiring contractors or temporary workers to work alongside existing in-house teams or to complete specific projects or initiatives. This strategy allows companies to fill skills gaps quickly and cost-effectively, while also providing flexibility to adjust team size and composition as needed. Staff augmentation can be particularly beneficial for companies facing tight project deadlines, unexpected resource needs, or fluctuations in business demand. By leveraging staff augmentation services, companies can ensure they have the right talent in place to achieve their business goals while maintaining operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Software Development & Hardware Engineering

Software development and hardware manufacturing are two critical sectors within the IT industry that work closely together to create technology products and solutions. These two sectors are closely intertwined, as software must be developed to run on hardware devices and hardware must be designed to accommodate software applications. Skilled software developers and hardware engineers are in high demand, and companies must hire top talent in both areas to create cutting-edge technology products that meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers. Whether a company is looking to create software products or hardware devices, having a strong team of software developers and hardware manufacturing experts is essential to success in the competitive world of IT.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

The semiconductor sector plays a crucial role in the technology industry, providing the building blocks for many electronic devices, from computers and smartphones to automobiles and medical equipment. Semiconductors are made from materials such as silicon, germanium, and gallium arsenide and are used to create transistors, integrated circuits, and other electronic components that power the devices we use every day. As technology advances and devices become more complex, the demand for semiconductors continues to grow, driving innovation and investment in this critical sector. Companies in the semiconductor industry must stay ahead of the curve by investing in research and development to create new materials and technologies, as well as in manufacturing and distribution to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market.


World’s Leading Chipmaker with Need for Project Talent

The Global Edge engaged with a world-leading semiconductor manufacturer who required a partner to support the need for talent across a broad scope of disciplines. The client had limited experience working with a recruitment organization, meaning the Global Edge needed to remain flexible and agile in the partnership from the start.
The Solution

From day one, the Global Edge created a strategy that enabled our recruitment and delivery team to provide the talent needed to fill those roles continually. The Global Edge recommended processes that allowed for quick feedback on roles and allowed for agile recruitment from the start. With a turnaround time of 48-72 hours on contract roles and the utilization of a global network of technical professionals, the Global Edge remained agile through the increasing need to fill roles as the client’s project needs shifted through the course of the project. 

Due to the size of the project, the Global Edge identified an experienced account manager internally to support the client on a one-on-one basis, provided ease for the client, and experience oversight for the discipline-specific recruitment team.

The Outcome

The Global Edge continues to support the client with recruitment across an even broader scope of disciplines than from the start. This includes roles across engineering, mechanical and electrical design, materials, and quality and HSE managers. The Global Edge remains a top talent provider for the company, supporting between 15-20 new roles weekly, with accuracy from talent identification to placement at 36%.

I highly recommend them for their expertise and urge anyone looking for professional recruitment results to make use of the Global Edge's services.

Global Edge Former Contractor

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