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In 2008, the Global Edge was founded with roots as an oil and gas recruitment firm, the oil and gas capital of the world. Providing highly-qualified candidates to clients in oil and gas, particularly in LNG, was our first specialization. From welders and technicians to engineers and designers, we personally work with each of our clients and candidates to make sure candidates are placed in a job that will benefit them and the company.

The Global Edge is a full life-cycle recruitment agency, serving our clients from Pre-FEED through operations and beyond. We are experts in recruitment across all three segments: upstream (exploration and production); midstream (transportation and storage); and downstream (refineries and product.) Our experience is global, local, and diverse, making us the premier recruitment agency to support your project from cradle to grave.

Our solutions are versatile and tailored to the ever-changing needs of our clients and can be effectively implemented at any stage of the life cycle.

Your Oil & Gas Experts

Upstream, Midstream, & Downstream

The Oil and Gas industry is one of the biggest markets in the energy industry, and the Global Edge has experience supporting operations across all three segments.


The upstream oil and gas sector is the initial stage of the oil and gas supply chain, which involves exploration, drilling, and production activities. This sector is critical to the global energy industry, as it is responsible for finding and extracting oil and gas reserves from the ground or offshore locations. The upstream sector typically involves significant investment in exploration activities, including geophysical surveys, drilling, and testing to determine the commercial viability of oil and gas reserves. Once a viable reserve is found, production activities commence, including drilling wells and operating production facilities. The upstream sector continues to be a vital component of the global energy industry, providing the raw materials necessary for downstream activities such as refining and distribution.


The midstream oil and gas sector is responsible for the transportation, storage, and processing of oil and gas after they are extracted from the ground. This sector is essential in the energy supply chain, as it connects upstream production activities to downstream processing and distribution activities. The midstream sector involves the use of pipelines, storage facilities, tankers, and processing plants to move oil and gas from production sites to refineries, petrochemical plants, and end-users. The sector is characterized by its significant investment in infrastructure and technology, with companies investing in the construction and maintenance of pipelines, storage facilities, and transportation networks to ensure the efficient and safe movement of oil and gas. The midstream sector also plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and security of the energy supply chain, particularly during times of disruption or crisis.


The downstream oil and gas sector is responsible for the refining, processing, and distribution of oil and gas products. The downstream sector also includes petrochemical production, which involves the transformation of hydrocarbons into chemicals used in the manufacturing of various products such as plastics, fertilizers, and synthetic materials. The downstream sector is characterized by its complex operations, advanced technology, and extensive distribution networks, which ensure that refined products are delivered to end-users in a timely and cost-effective manner. The sector is also subject to various environmental and safety regulations, which ensure that downstream activities are conducted in a safe and sustainable manner. The downstream sector remains an essential component of the global energy industry, providing essential products and materials used in various industries around the world.


The LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) sector is a rapidly growing industry that plays a vital role in the global energy market. The LNG sector has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing demand for cleaner-burning fuels and the abundance of natural gas reserves worldwide. LNG is used as a fuel in various industries, including transportation, power generation, and industrial processes. Additionally, it is a critical component of the global energy mix and is expected to continue to grow in importance as the world shifts towards cleaner energy sources. With a significant amount of investment pouring into the sector, the LNG industry is poised for continued growth and innovation in the coming years.


The FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading), FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading), and FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) sectors are vital components of the offshore oil and gas industry. FPSOs are floating vessels equipped with oil and gas processing facilities that allow for the production and storage of hydrocarbons in offshore locations. FSOs, on the other hand, are vessels used primarily for the storage of crude oil in offshore locations. FLNGs are floating vessels equipped with liquefaction facilities that allow for the processing, storage, and export of natural gas. These sectors have grown in importance in recent years due to their ability to operate in remote offshore locations and provide a cost-effective solution for the production and storage of hydrocarbons. As such, they play a crucial role in the global energy industry and are expected to continue to grow in importance in the coming years.

Full Life-Cycle Solutions

The Global Edge offers a range of services to best support our clients through each stage of their oil and gas project life-cycle. These solutions are personalized, marketing-leading, internationally compliant, and offer unique support throughout Exploration, FEED, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance, and Decommissioning.  Our solutions include a vast network of talents for the engineering, procurement, and construction scope of your oil and gas projects.

Case Study

Supporting the Client Through Extensive Growth.

Since 2013, the Global Edge has partnered with the largest exporter of LNG in North America, to serve as a supplier supporting multiple project locations.

The Solution

To support our client’s recruitment needs in the LNG arena, the Global Edge developed a team of LNG recruitment and delivery specialists within the organization to fully concentrate on LNG. We developed an extensive database of premier LNG specialist and implemented internal benchmarking to ensure both quick turn-around times and the most quality delivery.

Solutions required over the ongoing tenure of the project have ranged from mobilization of key individuals and building full teams to support the plant facilities functions across multiple disciplines.

The Outcome

Since 2013, the Global Edge has partnered with our client on both Contract and Direct Hire recruitment and has placed over 250 personnel across two large plant facilities, and the client’s corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Over the course of the ongoing partnership, the Global Edge has been tasked with several responsibilities and has exceeded delivery expectations each time. The Global Edge was presented with the opportunity to build both an onsite laboratory team and a panel operator team, which we successfully completed. 

We also mobilized nationals from Great Britain, Australia, and Canada to site locations due to the exceptional experience of these contractors on specialized responsibilities. 

Since the partnership formed until the present, the Global Edge continues to perform high-levels of recruitment of health and safety, permit-to-work, supervisors, and engineers across disciplines, including Process, Instrumentation, Electrical, Environmental, Quality, Reliability, and Mechanical. The Global Edge also recruits on admin, finance, and other ad-hoc positions as they arise.

The Global Edge remains one of three suppliers serving all three locations.

After years of working as a consultant with impersonal recruitment companies, it is refreshing to feel more than just another number in the accounting ledger.

Global Edge Contractor

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