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Momentum across the automotive industry shows the increasing need for innovative talent to support technology advancements. Everything from hybrid technology research and development to motorsports performance technology requires a keen and deliberate eye to ensure the right talent is mobilized. The Global Edge’s automotive and motorsports recruitment team offers dedicated and expert solutions with access to a global network of automotive and motorsport professionals.

Your Automotive & Motorsport Experts

Motorsports & Performance Technology

With our automotive and technical recruitment expertise and global agility, the Global Edge is our clients’ premier motorsports and performance technology partner. With our automotive and technical recruitment expertise paired with our global network, we can recruit across disciplines, at all levels, and across a broad spectrum of functions.

Engineering, Design, & Manufacturing

Engineering, design, and manufacturing in the automotive industry work hand in hand to produce vehicles that are both innovative and functional. Engineering is responsible for developing new technologies and materials that improve vehicle performance, safety, and sustainability. Designers use this technology to create vehicles that are visually appealing and functional, incorporating elements such as aerodynamics, ergonomics, and interior comfort. Manufacturers then take these designs and use advanced production techniques to build vehicles that meet rigorous quality and safety standards. Collaboration is key to producing vehicles that are both cutting-edge and practical, with a focus on meeting the evolving needs of consumers and the industry as a whole, and are crucial to the success of the automotive industry and drive innovation in the sector.

Automotive Emerging Technologies

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and emerging technologies are driving innovation in the sector. One of the most exciting areas of development is in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles, which offer the potential for reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Another area of growth is in autonomous driving technology, with the potential to improve road safety and reduce congestion. Other emerging technologies include connected cars, which offer advanced features such as real-time traffic updates and remote vehicle monitoring, and alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen and biofuels. These technologies are driving change in the automotive industry and are crucial to meeting the demands of consumers and regulators alike. As the industry continues to evolve, emerging technologies will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of mobility.

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) is a critical component of the automotive industry, driving innovation and progress. Companies invest heavily in R&D to develop new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes that improve vehicle performance, safety, and sustainability. R&D efforts are focused on a wide range of areas, including alternative fuel sources, autonomous driving technology, and advanced materials such as carbon fiber and lightweight alloys. Through collaboration with academic institutions, suppliers, and other industry partners, automotive companies are able to stay at the forefront of innovation and develop solutions that meet the changing needs of consumers and the industry as a whole. R&D is essential to the continued success of the automotive industry and plays a crucial role in shaping the future of mobility.


Agile Partner for Motorsports Client

In 2014, the Global Edge engaged with a large automotive client who needed an agile and experienced partner to support technical recruitment and payrolling solutions for their motorsports function. As a global motorsports competitor, our client needed a partner who had global recruitment and mobilization experience to ensure their team had the best global talent available.
The Solution

The Global Edge initially onboarded 15 contractors to payroll, providing benefits, leave, and HR resources. Within a short time frame, that number moved to over 100 contractors, allowing the client to keep their internal headcount down while still having access to the talent needed to support the project.

As the needs for the project shifted, the Global Edge was able to offer international payrolling and mobilization solutions for the client. Due to the agility of the Global Edge and our ability to do business internationally, we recruited top engineering talent in the UK, Canada, and Sweden, including a critical Chief Engineer with extensive motorsports experience. This global agility also opened the doors for the Global Edge to support the client in offering an international internship program for the first time.

Since the onset of the partnership, the Global Edge has remained flexible, mobile and responsive. Alongside the extensive payrolling and contract recruitment solutions provided to the client, we provide employment law assistance and advice, offer a partner to the client’s HR function, and advice on payroll compliance.

The Outcome

Due to the premier service levels and agile solutions, our client made the Global Edge a preferred vendor for payrolling. To continue offering our client the expertise needed for project success, the Global Edge brought on a motorsports recruitment expert to manage the account. The Global Edge continues to recruit global talent, mobilize international contractors, and offer payrolling and benefits to current contractors, allowing our client to have global success on the circuit.

A leader in the global recruitment industry that still understands how to treat their contractors with a small-time enterprise attitude.

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