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The mining industry has always been at the forefront of driving economic growth and development worldwide. With the ever-increasing demands of modern society and the need for sustainable development, the future of mining is rapidly evolving. The mining industry is constantly facing new challenges, yet there are also emerging opportunities for innovation. In this rapidly changing landscape, the Global Edge’s mining experts prepared to meet the demand for experienced talent.

Your Mining Experts

Explorations & Development

As the first step in identifying and accessing valuable mineral recourse, exploration is critical for ensuring the long-term viability of the mining industry. Extensive geological surveys, mapping, sampling, and advanced technologies, such as geophysical imaging and remote sensing, require access to skilled professionals. Once a potential site is identified, the development phase begins, which involves having key talent available to oversee each step in the exploration and development process. Successful exploration and development can lead to significant economic benefits, including job creation, revenue generation, and the production of critical resources for industries worldwide.

Extraction & Processing

Extraction and processing are critical components of the mining industry, responsible for converting mined ore into valuable minerals and metals. It involves various processes, from crushing and grinding to smelting and refining, and requires advanced technology and highly skilled workers. The sector is highly regulated, with stringent environmental and safety standards to protect workers and local communities. Mining companies invest heavily in research and development to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact. Successful extraction and processing operations can significantly affect the economy, providing jobs and generating revenue while supplying essential materials for various industries.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a critical concern in the mining industry, which significantly impacts the environment due to its extraction of finite resources from the earth. Mining companies must balance the need to extract minerals and metals with minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable development. The industry has implemented various strategies to achieve this, including reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing water usage, and managing waste and land disturbance. Adopting renewable energy and using innovative technologies like automation and remote monitoring have helped mining companies reduce their environmental footprint. Furthermore, the industry has also taken steps to improve transparency and stakeholder engagement, with the intent to build trust and promote sustainable practices.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are critical concerns in the mining industry, which involves working in hazardous and challenging environments. To achieve this, the industry has implemented a range of health and safety measures, including risk assessments, training programs, and the use of protective equipment. Regulations and guidelines have been established to promote a culture of safety and ensure compliance with health and safety standards. The industry must continue to prioritize health and safety, invest in research and development, and foster a culture of safety to minimize risk and ensure the well-being of workers and communities.

Providing Talent Resources

The Global Edge engaged with a international natural resources company that is a producer of copper, iron ore, metallurgical coal, nickel, and potash. This company required talent across several locations, with a need for multiple disciplines covered by one partner.

The solution

Due to the timing needs of the client, the Global Edge provided recruitment solutions on an abbreviated timeline with talent in Planning, Projects Controls, Project Services, Engineering, and Document Controls. The Global Edge utilized multiple tools and job boards to ensure the best talent was presented to the client for the roles.

The outcome

With the success of the partnership, the Global Edge continues to provide contract talent, payrolling, and HR solutions to the client across multiple locations.

Global Edge continually prides its success in providing integrated resource solutions for its customers, demonstrated thru a proven 15 year track record of placing top performers in ideal career opportunities! 

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