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As industry experts in the oil and gas sector within logistics, offshore, and wind energy has led us to expanding into the Maritime industry. The Global Edge’s capable in maritime is a full life-cycle recruitment agency, serving Maritime clients that span through the industry, including shipbuilding, standards and safety, shipping line operations and management, shipyard services, maritime cargo services, and freight forwarding services.

We aspire to expand to continue to provide to logistics companies, shipyard companies, import-export companies, shipbuilding companies, vessel equipment and components OEMs, energy terminal and transportation companies.

Your Marine Experts

Offshore Oil & Gas

The global marine industry is a powerful economic engine, and it contains the most technologically complex vessel roles that require highly skilled mariners and maritime professionals. With our experience and efforts within the Offshore Marine Industry, we commit to satisfying staffing needs in the following areas: Harbor piloting professionals, Port Engineers, Marine Managers, Superintendents, Logistics, and Operations around the globe.

The offshore oil and gas industry requires a range of specialized workers, including drilling engineers, geologists, offshore installation managers, and maintenance technicians.


The shipping industry is a critical component of the global economy, facilitating the transportation of goods and commodities across the world. With the increasing demand for fast and efficient shipping, the industry has undergone significant transformation in recent years, driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. The shipping industry employs a large workforce, including ship crew members, marine engineers, port operations personnel, and logistics professionals.

Marine Renewables

The marine renewable energy sector is a rapidly growing industry that includes offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy systems. As the industry continues to expand, there is a growing demand for skilled workers to design, build, and maintain these systems. The marine renewable energy industry requires a range of professionals, including engineers, project managers, and technicians, to develop and maintain energy systems.


As the Global Edge expands our partnership into the Marine industry, we are actively gaining the respect of the largest provider of dredging services in the United States. We provide qualified candidates to fulfil opportunities within the civil ocean, mechanical engineering staff, and project management functions forming an Offshore Wind sector. Our partnership also has extended into Channel and Port maintenance, restoration, and expansion alongside land reclamation, offering various opportunities for individual office or field-based careers in a corporate setting, field operations, or overseas.

People-driven Solutions for Maritime Client

A U.S.-owned and -operated government, maritime, energy and logistics solutions company serving customers in domestic and international markets engaged with the Global Edge for direct hire recruitment solutions for direct hire roles for a division supporting Offshore Wind projects. The client needed talent for key roles who would be leading the client’s efforts into the Offshore Wind market across North and South America.

The Solution

The Global Edge utilized our Marine Development Manager to source and shortlist candidates for the roles. Calling on his 25 years of marine industry expertise, the Global Edge provided 3-4 submissions for each of the senior and experienced roles for the client.

The Outcome

Due to the expertise of the Global Edge team overseeing the client partnership, the Global Edge was able to outperform other agencies. The Global Edge provided more qualified candidates for each role than other agencies, each with a strong background in Offshore Wind.

I have recommended Global Edge to several associates who were seeking contract employment opportunities and I will continue to do so in the future.

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