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Our People: Paula Guerra


27 November 2023

Kaleigh Habeck

In the bustling office of the Global Edge in Houston, Paula Guerra stands out as one of our talented and skilled Recruitment Specialists, weaving her unique journey into the tapestry of the energy industry. With a career that began with zero recruiting experience, Paula’s ascent into the realm of talent acquisition has been nothing short of remarkable.

Five years ago, Paula found herself at the crossroads of a burgeoning opportunity. Armed with an extensive network in oil and gas and a wealth of sales experience, she was approached to contribute her skills to the establishment of a new agency. Little did she know that this leap would lead her into the world of recruitment. Her journey began on the business development side, treating it like a sales role, focusing on client acquisition.

Paula soon discovered the intricate parallels between sales and recruiting. Negotiation skills became paramount, especially when dealing with candidates. Drawing on her experience, she became adept at anticipating issues and addressing them proactively, a skill honed during her early career ventures. The ability to negotiate effectively, understand market dynamics, and foresee challenges became pivotal aspects of her role.

In her own words, being a recruiter demands an acute understanding of people. Paula emphasizes the unpredictability of dealing with human capital, acknowledging that candidates are not objects but intricate entities with their own sets of motivations and behaviors. She navigates the complexities of the recruiting landscape by being consultative, guiding candidates towards roles that align with their long-term goals, benefiting both the individual and the client.

Anticipation remains a key theme in Paula’s approach. Anticipation allows her to provide valuable support to candidates and ultimately align with roles that match their long-term goals. It’s a proactive and strategic approach that contributes to a positive candidate experience and successful placements. Her dedication extends to interview preparation, where she helps candidates highlight their strengths and navigate potential pitfalls.

“Anticipation is a theme in my approach. Whether preparing candidates for counteroffers or coaching them through uncomfortable interview questions, a smooth recruitment process is my commitment.”

Paula’s expertise extends beyond traditional recruiting, encompassing executive search, a domain where her sales skills shine. Uncovering vital information from candidates, she excels in finding the perfect match between executive talent and organizational needs.

Joining Global Edge, Paula found herself part of a unique work culture, a place where collaboration and accessibility redefine workplace dynamics. Surrounded by passionate leadership, she appreciates the wealth of knowledge and the willingness to share insights, fostering an environment where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and learn.

Paula’s recent participation in a leadership conference further highlighted the significance of diversity, especially in a male-dominated industry. The experience was empowering, showcasing the brilliance of women leaders who shared their journeys, vulnerabilities, and triumphs. Paula emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and practicing empathy, influence, and integrity for effective leadership.

In her relatively short tenure with Global Edge, Paula has witnessed the company’s commitment to growth and innovation in the ever-evolving energy sector. She is inspired by the team’s hunger for success, collaborative spirit, and the accessibility of leaders who empower and acknowledge the contributions of every team member.

As Paula continues her journey at Global Edge, her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous learning in the dynamic field of recruitment.

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