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How Guyana’s Offshore Potential Can Revitalize Oil & Gas Jobs in the Region


16 August 2023

Kaleigh Habeck

In the azure waters off Guyana’s pristine coastline lies a hidden realm of potential—the country’s offshore oil and gas reserves. As the world’s energy landscape evolves, Guyana has emerged as a focal point of exploration and opportunity, drawing the attention of multiple global energy players. With significant discoveries that have ignited excitement within the industry, Guyana’s offshore potential is poised to revitalize offshore jobs in Guyana, redefine its geopolitical position, and chart a course toward sustainable energy development.
Riches Beneath the Waves

Guyana’s offshore basins, particularly the Stabroek Block, hold significant oil and gas potential off its coastline. These basins are characterized by source rocks transforming organic matter into hydrocarbons, reservoir rocks storing these resources, and traps preventing migration. Positioned on the South American Plate and near the Atlantic Ocean, sedimentary processes have shaped these geological conditions over millions of years. The interplay of these factors offers the promise of substantial hydrocarbon reserves awaiting exploration and development.

Guyana’s offshore exploration yielded significant oil and gas finds, especially the Stabroek Block. The major oil and gas companies that discovered the Liza, Payara, and Snoek fields formed the Liza Field Complex with billions of barrels. Other blocks also show potential, making Guyana a global energy investment hub and an emerging oil and gas player. Moreover, fields like Liza, Payara, and Snoek could yield billions of barrels of oil equivalent, promising increased offshore jobs in Guyana, revenue, and infrastructure development. As these finds progress, Guyana’s future could transform, solidifying its position as a significant energy exporter.

The Promise of Vast Reserves

When juxtaposed with established global oil and gas producers, Guyana’s recent findings in the Stabroek Block swiftly establish the nation as a noteworthy industry contender. Boasting potential reserves of billions of barrels of oil equivalent, Guyana’s projected output aligns it with prominent oil-producing nations like Saudi Arabia and the United States. According to OilNOW, Guyana is projected to hit a production rate of 1.3 million barrels a day by 2027. Despite its newcomer status, this rapid ascension in reserves showcases Guyana’s emergence in the international energy realm. Undoubtedly, evolving discoveries will make Guyana’s stature more pronounced as a substantial contributor to the global oil and gas supply.

Offshore Jobs in Guyana

The oil and gas sector has acted as a catalyst for job creation, both directly within the industry and indirectly, through its influence on related sectors such as logistics, hospitality, and construction. This expansion in employment opportunities has the potential to reduce unemployment rates and elevate the nation’s workforce skill levels. With the rapid expansion of oil and gas in Guyana, jobs are readily available in the following realms:

  • Exploration and drilling
  • Engineering and construction
  • Operations and production
  • Health, safety, and environment
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Technical support
  • Marine operations
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance
  • Administration and support
  • Research and innovation

As we tap into the nation’s abundant resources, our local talents, knowledge, and unwavering dedication empower us to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape. Together, powered by our Guyanese-staffed team, the Global Edge Group is helping propel Guyana into a new era of energy prominence, shaping the nation’s economy and sustainable future.

Learn more about our local Guyana team by visiting our Guyana page here.

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