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Women Empowerment as a Catalyst for Women in Management Positions in Mozambique


24 July 2023

Eusoria Marta

Women empowerment has emerged as a significant driving force for societal progress across the globe. In Mozambique, a country rich in cultural diversity and potential, women are playing a vital role in shaping its future.

As the nation moves towards gender equality, women’s empowerment is proving to be a powerful catalyst in propelling more women into management positions. This article delves into the importance of women’s empowerment and its role in fostering gender balance within Mozambique’s management landscape.

The Struggle for Gender Equality

For decades, Mozambique, like many other countries has historically grappled with gender disparities. Women faced numerous obstacles such as limited access to education, healthcare, and job opportunities which perpetuated the gender gap. However, the tides have begun to turn and is noticeable through government initiatives, advocacy groups, and international support, the call for gender equality and women’s empowerment has gained momentum.

Empowering Women through Education and Skill Development

Education and skill development have become crucial pillars of women’s empowerment in Mozambique. By increasing access to education, particularly for girls and young women, Mozambique is laying the groundwork for a more diverse and skilled workforce. Initiatives such as the Girl Move Academy, a Mozambican Leadership Academy that promotes women’s education and leadership through an intergenerational circular mentoring model, empowers women so that they have the knowledge and confidence to pursue careers in various sectors, including traditionally male-dominated fields such as management and leadership.

Women as Competent Leaders

One of the biggest challenges women face in attaining management positions is the persistence of stereotypes that cast doubt on their ability to lead effectively. However, with the rise of successful women leaders both locally and internationally, these stereotypes are being shattered. Women in Mozambique are proving their competence, innovation, and strategic thinking, breaking the glass ceiling and inspiring future generations to aspire for management roles.

Mentorship and Role Models nurturing Leadership Potential

Mentorship and the presence of female role models are essential for nurturing leadership potential among women in Mozambique. Through mentorship programs and networking initiatives, experienced women in management can guide and support aspiring female leaders, offering valuable insights and advice on overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. These relationships foster a sense of belonging and community, encouraging more women to step forward and take on leadership roles.

Role models such as Ticiane Lopes, founder of MWE, Juceline Machevo and Talumba Katawala experts in the O&G industry and Alexandra Machado founder of the Girl Move academy,  inspire not only women in their industries but also those of other fields.

Workplace Policies and Gender as inclusive Practices

Creating a gender-inclusive workplace is critical for advancing women in management positions. Companies and organizations in Mozambique are recognizing the importance of gender diversity and are implementing policies that support work-life balance, Global Edge being an example of an organization that provides equal opportunities for growth, and combat gender-based discrimination. Gender-inclusive practices not only benefit women but also contribute to a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

Advocating for Policy Reforms

While significant progress has been made, there is still room for improvement. Advocacy and policy reforms are necessary to address the remaining gender disparities in the workplace and society as a whole. Mozambican policymakers and stakeholders must continue to collaborate to develop and enforce laws that protect women’s rights and ensure equal opportunities for career advancement.

The presence of more women in management positions has impacted the Mozambican economy and has been showing far-reaching economic benefits. Studies have shown that gender-diverse leadership teams lead to higher productivity, improved financial performance, and better decision-making.

As women in Mozambique occupy more managerial roles, the nation’s economy stands to gain from their contributions and innovative perspectives.


Women empowerment is undeniably a powerful catalyst for increasing the representation of women in management positions in Mozambique.

As the nation continues its journey towards gender equality, it is essential to recognize and support the efforts of women in leadership roles. By breaking barriers, nurturing leadership potential, and advocating for gender-inclusive policies, Mozambique is paving the way for a more diverse, equitable, and prosperous future, where women’s empowerment remains at the heart of progress.

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