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Our People: Frances Pinto


20 December 2023

Eusoria Marta

Building experience and credibility in many industries isn’t an easy achievement nowadays, especially with changing industry dynamics. Meet Frances Pinto, our Recruitment Specialist from Global Edge Mozambique Office, a professional who has worn many hats throughout the years and built a solid career in recruitment.

“Before joining the Global Edge, I worked in the mining and power generation industry providing recruitment solutions from end to end doing research, behavioral tests, background tests, screening candidates, conducting interviews, assessments, and selecting qualified candidates for my clients.”

With her skills and the comprehensive training programs offered by the Global Edge, Frances has become a valuable asset to our recruitment team. Part of the onboarding process at the Global Edge is to equip employees with knowledge and skills to help them significantly grow in their area of expertise. To Frances, learning about different industries and our internal recruitment processes has proven that experience and knowledge are keys to excellence.

“It makes me happy to understand the industry and have enough knowledge to serve the clients and their needs and expectations. I’m more confident in talking to them and learning a little bit more about what they need in terms of candidates and deliverables for the projects”.

What stood out to Frances at the Global Edge is the complete and comprehensive training programs available to staff, equipping everyone with greater knowledge to perform better.

“We had online training sessions where we learned about the internal processes and the systems used for recruitment. I am happy also to share that I’ve been invited to the Global Edge headquarters in Houston, Texas, where I know I will get knowledge to develop more skills and improve my performance as a recruiter.”

For Frances, recruitment is a challenging profession. She believes effective communication is vital for a recruiter, given the necessity of working closely with various individuals. A recruiter must also be an excellent listener, capable of understanding the needs of both clients and candidates. Additionally, being proactive is crucial in this role, particularly in managing tight deadlines. Frances often faces high volumes of job openings, reinforcing her view that strong time management skills are essential for excelling in recruitment.

France views joining the Global Edge as a great journey. The teams throughout the company have been welcoming and supportive from the start, making her experience one she will never forget.  

“I felt very welcomed. It was like I had been here for ten years. Everyone from across our global offices is nice and friendly. It helps with personal development as the insecurities and self-doubts vanish.”

As a perfectionist, Frances believes her secret to success is always to be the best version of herself personally and professionally. She attempts to give her best to everything that she does so that people can see her for how she wants to be remembered.

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