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Our People: Alexzandria Rogers


5 July 2023

Kaleigh Habeck

In the bustling world of recruitment, Alexzandria Rogers shines as a versatile recruitment specialist here at the Global Edge. With extensive industry experience, she brings a unique perspective and a tenacious drive to excel in her role. Her remarkable journey from medical to construction to the Global Edge showcases her unwavering commitment to growth and resilience.

Alexzandria joined Global Edge as an IT recruitment specialist in June 2022, stepping into the role. Armed with ten years of prior recruitment experience, she was no stranger to the intricacies of talent acquisition. However, transitioning to a new industry presented challenges, and Alexzandria humbly embraced the opportunity. Recognizing the importance of understanding the industry and company processes, she dedicated herself to mastering her craft.

The transition from one industry to another can be overwhelming, but Alexzandria’s determination and open-mindedness propelled her forward. Those initial months were humbling for her as she realized the importance of taking a step back, absorbing knowledge, and gracefully filling in where needed in the rapidly growing oil and gas sector. Alexzandria quickly gained traction by investing time and effort into understanding the industry. By August 2022, her dedication paid off as she skyrocketed in performance, becoming one of the organization’s top performers.

Global Edge understands the value of nurturing its employees’ talents and providing avenues for growth. Alexzandria’s professional development journey began after showcasing her skills and potential. Her manager, Bryan Harlee, prioritized soft skills and personal development, dedicating 30 minutes daily to imparting knowledge to her eager mind. Bryan’s guidance and mentorship played a pivotal role in her growth despite the remote working arrangement. Transitioning to her second mentor, Darren Smith, opened doors for Alexzandria to explore the LNG (liquefied natural gas) vertical and expand her horizons.

“I’m very process-driven, and I take initiative, so being shown the ropes about IT by Bryan and LNG by Darren made me excited to keep learning about our role in those industries.”

Initially hired for the IT vertical under Bryan’s guidance, Alexzandria’s drive to explore more motivated her to reach out to Darren and dive headfirst into the world of LNG. Balancing two different verticals and working with two leaders demands structure, time management, and adaptability. Her ability to prioritize, take initiative, and effectively manage her time has been instrumental in her success. Despite the challenges, she credits the supportive environment at Global Edge, where readily available resources have allowed her to thrive and assume diverse roles and responsibilities.

One aspect Alexzandria takes pride in is her sourcing skills. To her, recruitment is not merely about reaching out to candidates but about becoming a skilled private investigator. Recognizing the need to enhance her sourcing techniques in the LNG vertical, she undertook a self-paced course offered by Global Edge to optimize candidate searches through Boolean searches. This commitment to continuous learning has honed her expertise and elevated her recruitment game.

“One of the biggest things I appreciate about the Global Edge is that they have the resources that I need, and if they don’t already have it, they will obtain whatever resources I need to be great.”

For Alexzandria, success in recruitment extends beyond hard skills and knowledge. She believes in nurturing a positive mindset and personal development. Emphasizing the importance of starting the day right, she incorporates habits such as exercise, time management, and maintaining healthy relationships. Alexzandria’s mantra is to do what others aren’t doing, to push through self-doubt and fears that may hinder progress. By breaking through barriers, she has discovered her true potential and continues to strive for upward mobility.

Alexzandria’s journey at Global Edge exemplifies adaptability, continuous learning, and a growth mindset in recruitment. From transitioning to a new industry to exceptional performance and exploration of multiple verticals, she proves to be a versatile and dedicated specialist. Embracing challenges, refining skills, and maintaining a positive mindset, she excels and inspires others. Alexzandria’s path of growth showcases the potential achieved with determination and passion in recruitment.

At Global Edge, we are proud to have individuals like Alexzandria Rogers, who embody our core values and make a lasting impact on our journey toward excellence with an edge.

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