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Our People: Aleczandra Palas


24 October 2023

Kaleigh Habeck

Recruitment is an ever-evolving career that thrives on connections, communication, and unwavering enthusiasm. As a Recruitment Specialist in our Global Edge Qatar office, Alecz Palas has not only mastered the art of sourcing top talents but also brought a personal touch to every interaction.

Alecz’s journey in recruitment began back in 2017 with her previous employer. Starting from cold calls and sifting through resumes, she laid the foundation for a career in connecting the right people with the right opportunities. However, it was with her second company that she delved into the complexities of end-to-end recruitment and workforce engagement. This experience, while diverse and enriching, paved the way for her exceptional career at the Global Edge.

Joining the Global Edge Qatar marked a turning point in Alecz’s professional life. It was here that she honed her skills and expertise. The comprehensive training, coupled with a supportive work environment, fueled her passion for recruitment. Alecz doesn’t merely consider it a job; she views it as an opportunity to bring out the best in both the candidates she represents and the clients she serves.

“I genuinely enjoy working with candidates and clients. It’s about building relationships, understanding their needs, and connecting the right people with the right opportunities. It’s a rewarding journey.”

One distinguishing facet of Alecz’s career is her specialization in the oil and gas industry, which is a significant sector in Qatar. Her forte lies in the upstream sector, thanks to her prior experience with offshore projects. She’s also been making strides in the downstream sector, focusing on roles to fill the needs of our top-tier clients. Her ability to bridge the gap between the industry’s complex demands and the talents who fulfill them has earned her a reputation as a top-notch recruiter.

What keeps Alecz motivated every day is her love for engaging with people. She’s a firm believer that every conversation is an opportunity to learn. Her role enables her to see different perspectives and gain insights not only into the industry but also into the lives of the people she interacts with. Alecz keeps candidates engaged and informed, and to her, the relationship is an ongoing journey.

Alecz’s dedication extends beyond daily tasks; she’s building a vast network of candidates, and she knows that even if a particular position isn’t the right fit today, it might be tomorrow. The ability to reconnect with candidates months down the line and offer them a role that aligns with their aspirations is a rewarding experience she cherishes.

Alecz Palas’s dedication and passion make her a standout Recruitment Specialist in the industry. Her commitment to clients, her engagement with candidates, and her involvement in important projects reflect the values that Global Edge represents. Beyond her professional expertise, Alecz’s heart lies in the company’s commitment to social responsibility, and she actively participates in various initiatives aimed at giving back to the community.

“The Global Edge’s commitment to social responsibility resonates with my own values, and it’s encouraging to be part of a team making a real difference in the world.”

With the Global Edge Qatar office rapidly gaining momentum, Alecz is thrilled to be part of a team that’s driving change and growth. She has seen the office evolve from its early stages to the flourishing center it is now in such a short amount of time. The excitement of contributing to this success fuels her drive to make every placement count.

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