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Global Edge Manager Recognized as 2024 Influential Woman in Talent Acquisition


13 March 2024

Kaleigh Habeck

In celebration of Women’s History Month this March, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) proudly acknowledges the exceptional contributions of women in talent acquisition. Among these remarkable individuals is Faye Dinglasan, Country Manager for Global Edge Qatar.

With over 18 years of experience in the Middle East, particularly in Qatar, Faye brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the local market. This includes a profound grasp of labor laws, business customs, and industry trends, essential elements that shape effective talent acquisition strategies in the region.

She notes that the key to her success has been the meticulous cultivation of robust networks, fostering relationships with local professionals, industry leaders, and recruitment partners. Faye says these connections provide invaluable insights, referrals, and access to top-tier talent, underscoring the importance of collaboration and community in talent acquisition.

Embracing technology as a facilitator, she leverages various tools and platforms for sourcing, screening, and managing candidates, streamlining the recruitment process for efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, Faye’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion initiatives reflects a commitment to fostering innovation and productivity in the workforce, resonating with the evolving dynamics of the Middle Eastern employment landscape and ringing true to the values of Global Edge Group.

Crucially, Faye’s relationship-centric approach sets her apart, prioritizing active listening, effective communication, and trust-building with candidates and hiring managers alike. She takes great pride in fostering strong and meaningful connections with both candidates and hiring managers alike.

Reflecting on her distinction, she attributes her recognition to a sincere dedication to her role, characterized by a profound sense of responsibility and care. “Focus with the heart,” she remarks, emphasizing her commitment to professionalism imbued with genuine concern and attentiveness.

“Adding TLC in my job is a big factor”, Faye stated.

Are you looking for a recruitment agency that can meet your Qatar staffing needs in the energy industry? Look no further! Our Global Edge Qatar office is prepared to deliver, from sourcing to contractor engagement and satisfaction, we are the award-winning agency of choice in the international recruitment arena.

Learn more about our Doha, Qatar office by visiting our Qatar location page.

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