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Forbes Custom 2017 – “Intentional About Excellence”


2 October 2017

Stephanie Taylor

The Global Edge was featured in the Forbes Custom September issue in September 2017. This is the second time we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Forbes to feature our CEO and the incredible team we have here at The Global Edge.

Please keep reading to see what our team has been up to and how we are stronger than ever as we enter this new season.

The following is from an interview between Forbes Custom and Kathy Eberwein, CEO of the Global Edge Group.

“When we last spoke with Kathy Eberwein, her company, the Global Edge Group, was “growing like gangbusters.” It was on track to become one of the premier recruitment agencies in the global oil and gas arena and was looking to expand into other industries and service offerings.

Three years later, we sat down with Eberwein again to ask how the Global Edge has fared in the recent downturn in the oil and gas industry, surviving when many other companies didn’t. Two of its key differentiators are the resilience of its people and its ongoing commitment to excellence. “We are intentional about excellence and proud to be one of the only woman-owned businesses in this space. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and that’s exactly what we did.”

You’ve described the Global Edge as wanting to be a big company with a small-company feel. What do you mean by that?

Kathy Eberwein: We have placed over 1,000 people and are operating in 15 locations, but we’re still committed to keeping the element of personal relationships with our clients and candidates. That’s what I mean by a small-company feel. With technology on the rise, recruitment has become more transactional than ever before. We want to be that company where people feel they are dealing with a person who genuinely has their best interests at heart.

As you’ve noted, the past few years have been very hard on your company, your clients, and, of course, for oil and gas professionals. How did you help your recruited professionals cope with the downturn?

Kathy Eberwein: Yes, a lot of very talented people have been out of work. There have been fewer jobs available as projects have been canceled and people have been laid off. Through all of this, we’ve done our best to remain positive and to communicate with our professionals in a straightforward, transparent manner. It’s very important when you’re dealing with people’s livelihoods that they trust what you say.

You’ve said your company has emerged from the downturn stronger than ever. How did you achieve this?

Kathy Eberwein: Through this period, we reflected on our vision, our goals, and our culture and redefined who we are as an organization. We were determined to remain true to our vision of excellence and to maintain our focus on innovation and entrepreneurialism. Adversity can define you, destroy you, or strengthen you. We chose to let it strengthen us. I am more optimistic than ever that we have a blueprint for success.

Before the downturn, the Global Edge achieved solid growth and expansion year after year, and you’re still the premier agency for many of your clients. To what do you attribute this success?

Kathy Eberwein: We’ve always had a high level of repeat and referral business because of our reputation for integrity and excellence, and we still do. While we didn’t grow as much as we had hoped during this downturn, we’ve strengthened our position within our existing client base. In most cases, we have become their preferred agency. I believe this is due to our outstanding delivery team. They are best in class, and I am very proud of the quality of their work.

You’ve seen signs the oil and gas industry is slowly starting to rebound, and you seem hopeful it’s going to come back even stronger at some point. What are you doing to prepare for this?

Kathy Eberwein: Many in the industry are concerned there aren’t going to be enough people to fill all the jobs when the market really comes back. We’ve developed an offering with some very high-level individuals, who are now retired, to help develop the next generation, potentially in a mentoring or part-time role. This has been very well received by our clients; they appreciate us anticipating what’s next in the industry and our innovative mindset.”

For more information about our current open roles in the energy industry, visit our candidate’s careers page.

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