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Global Edge Celebrates 2023 with Employee Awards Ceremony


15 February 2024

Kaleigh Habeck

In mid-February, Global Edge Group celebrated the 2023 year during the annual Global Edge Awards. Held every year, the Global Edge Awards is an opportunity for the company to recognize and commemorate the great work that went into the previous year and gear up for the year to come.

We believe that it’s essential to take the time to honor those who continuously push the boundaries of excellence, and part of that is recognizing the anniversaries of employees whose unwavering dedication has encouraged companywide success. Kirsten Thomson, Executive Director, celebrated her 10 year anniversary, and Luis Rendall, Business Director, celebrated his 5 year anniversary with the Global Edge Group. Thomson has served as our global point of contact for human resources for over the past 10 years. Rendall is the current Business Director and Accounts Manager for Global Edge Mozambique and has driven our Maputo office to success through his pursuit of excellence.

The organization also recognized members of the Visions and Values committee, a group of four employees who dedicated time to organizing, planning, and executing events within the offices that encapsulated the Global Edge Group’s core values. These members are Nicole Watkins, Recruitment Coordinator, Rima Dempsay, Global Finance and Compliance Coordinator, Kaleigh Habeck, Social Media Coordinator, and Jasmine Quinn, Recruitment Specialist. Their efforts were noted to have a large impact on our organization’s overall wellbeing through planning events such as office celebrations, birthday gifts, and social responsibility initiatives that give back to our communities.

Among the highlights of the evening were the prestigious awards presented to the individuals who have showcased exemplary performance and innovation within the core values of the Global Edge Group – Excellence, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Fun, and Outside-the-Box Big Thinking. Based on nominations from their colleagues and Key Performance Indicators, these awards showcase only a fraction of the commitment to excellence from our entire Global Edge team.

The awards recipients include:

Green Award: Support – Jenna Lammons, Recruitment Coordinator

Award of Innovation – Brian Howell, Finance Director, FP&A

Global Edge Fun Award – Adam Jefferson, Recruitment Specialist

Cornerstone Award – Iris Augustine, Payroll and Billing Manager

Global Champion Award – Mesha Singh, Payroll and Billing Coordinator

Outstanding Service Award – Amanda Hutchinson, Contractor Care Manager

Global Impact Award – Stephanie Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager

Director’s Choice Award – Melanie Parish, US HR Manager

Award of Excellence – Jenna Lammons, Recruitment Coordinator

Global Edge Ambassador – Rima Dempsay, Global Finance and Compliance Coordinator

Performer of the Year – Nicholas Reeves, Recruitment Lead

Green Award: Delivery – Adam Jefferson, Recruitment Specialist

Green Award: International Delivery – Aleczandra Palas, Recruitment Specialist

Business Development of the Year – Ashley Pirret, Account and Delivery Lead

Recruiter of the Year – Nicholas Reeves, Recruitment Lead

Top Gun Award – Nicholas Reeves, Recruitment Lead

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