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An Edge Above the Rest: The Global Edge Contractor Care Program


29 August 2023

Stephanie Taylor

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Contractors serve as the backbone for countless projects, ensuring timely delivery and quality outcomes. Yet, despite their invaluable contributions, Contractors often find themselves navigating the challenges of their roles largely on their own. This is where Global Edge is different. Our dedicated Contractor Care Program is a beacon in the industry, promising unparalleled support for our Contractor employees.

The catalyst behind the Global Edge Contractor Care Program stems from the foundation of the Global Edge in 2008. Founder and CEO Kathy Eberwein had a simple goal in the creation of the company: she wanted to create an organization that always placed people above anything else. She understood the success of a project is closely tied to the well-being of its contractors, and that clients would see the benefits of contractors who were supported and valued. Recognizing this, Global Edge has been unwavering in its commitment of putting our people first.

Our dedicated Contractor Care team, led by Contractor Care Manager Amanda Hutchinson, stands as a testament to this commitment. The team serves as a lifeline for contractors, ensuring that no concern goes unaddressed, no query unanswered. From logistics related to travel and mobilization to questions on HR and payroll, the Contractor Care team is there, offering unique solutions and providing guidance.

But the Global Edge Contractor Care Program isn’t just about addressing issues. It’s about creating connections. While the connections themselves are what the Global Edge values most, those connections can provide tangible results for clients as well. In a study performed by Gallup on how employee engagement drives growth, companies with a highly engaged workforce were 21% more profitable and 17% more productive than those with disengaged staff. Contractors, when engaged and supported by a program like ours, can focus entirely on their expertise, confident in the knowledge that any ancillary issues will be swiftly dealt with. This level of focus and confidence inevitably results in superior project outcomes and enhanced satisfaction levels among contractors and clients.

The Global Edge Contractor Care Program isn’t just an initiative; it is the foundation of the company. The Global Edge looks to redefine the contractor experience, promising not just solutions but also opportunities. In a world where contractors often find themselves juggling myriad challenges, the Global Edge offers a sanctuary of support and growth.

Interested in being a part of the Global Edge Community? Submit your CV/Resume to our Candidate Database. If you are a current Global Edge Contractor with an inquiry, reach out to our Contractor Care Team at

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