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Advantages of Working with a Specialist Talent & Workforce Solutions Agency


23 November 2022

Stephanie Taylor

If someone were looking for top legal advice, specifically property, they’d seek an expert who is well-versed in property law rather than a general practice solicitor. An expert specialized in one field will have a far greater understanding of the subject and can offer unrivaled advice. Similarly, a consultative recruitment and workforce solutions business specializing in a distinct area will be deeply rooted in their field and have the industry-specific knowledge that general recruitment agencies don’t. Concentrating their attention on a niche group of candidates allows specialist consultants to adopt a highly personalized approach, which remains a top priority in the changing recruitment landscape. Read on for a deeper dive into the advantages of working with a specialist agency like ours.

Unrivalled industry expertise

Specialist consultants speak the language of the industry and understand on a much deeper level the different types of roles on the market and, often more importantly, how to get individuals mobilized and on to a project quickly. Because a specialist talent and workforce solutions agency covers an entire industry – including the most niche areas – and provides expert consultancy advice, dedicated teams are designed to focus on distinct disciplines and services.

For example, within the Global Edge, we have dedicated teams for all technical areas – Engineering, Mining, Subsea and Marine, Drilling and Completions, HSE and Quality, Downstream & LNG (to name a few), and Commercial areas – Technology, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Procurement as well as all other energy-related areas. We also have client-dedicated operational teams focused purely on the logistical aspects of contractor management, payroll, and mobility. Our consultants keep their ear to the ground for news and developments in their niche fields and use their specialist insight to source high-quality candidates. 

Extensive candidate pools offer greater diversity

A specialist talent and workforce solutions business has a carefully curated candidate pool. Simply put, we have access to the top talent on the market – both passive and active. With an extensive candidate network comes the luxury of having access to a more diverse group of people, which every company can benefit from. Take the oil and gas industry, which is making slow progress towards having a gender-diverse workforce. Should companies in this industry choose to partner with a specialist agency, they could benefit from the diversity of thought and experience and increased profitability while creating a fair and equal workplace that would help to attract more diverse candidates.

A reduced time to hire

A KPMG report revealed that 73% of CEOs say the new world of remote working has expanded their candidate pool, and though, in theory, this is good news for hiring teams, having more people to screen and interview can drive up the time to hire. Using sophisticated automation software, we can relinquish control of the more manual tasks – such as screening and produce shortlists faster. We can also arrange interviews, carry out psychometric testing – and generally create a more streamlined, tailored process for each client while managing the candidate’s expectations. In-house hiring teams might not have access to the newest software with all the latest bells and whistles, but specialist consultants do. Reducing the time to hire will ensure that candidates remain engaged at every stage and will limit the risk of them dropping out of the process.

Protecting the employer brand

Though technology can help companies avoid bottlenecks from interviews to hiring, a specialist consultative agency is all about the people. Consultants are in the business of developing meaningful connections with candidates and are adept at establishing these relationships while protecting a company’s employer brand. Employer brand has earnt a place in the top five objectives on many boards because companies recognize that their reputation could be the difference between a candidate accepting an offer and going to the competition. By working with an exceptional talent and workforce agency, leaders can be confident that they have the best people skilled at engaging with prospects and being guardians of the company’s brand.

Connecting the best talent with world-leading energy companies

What makes Global Edge unique is that our company was founded by industry engineers who spotted a growing need for talent in the oil, gas, and energy industry. Since 2006, the team has grown into an international energy workforce solutions business and operates on over five continents. We are also independent and privately owned, which clients often favor due to the flexibility that this provides. Our specialized sectors cover exclusively Oil& Gas (E&P, Mid-, Downstream, and LNG), Technology, Renewable Energy, Commercial and Executive/C-Suite roles.

Our scale means we can continue providing a personalized service for our clients by tailoring it to each region’s specific requirements. Our consultants can support your unique resource needs with a wide range of expertise, spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream, greenfield and brownfield, early oil production, full-field development, and expansion projects.

Don’t forget to get in touch to hear how we can help you navigate the new world of talent acquisition!

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