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Tips on How to Upgrade Your CV


25 March 2021

Stephanie Taylor

Updating and improving your CV can be a challenging task, particularly when it comes to creating an attractive first impression. At Global Edge, we receive hundreds of CVs daily and understand the challenges faced by candidates when organizing their resumes to present their skills effectively.

If you are considering updating your CV, there are simple yet powerful tools you can use to enhance your chances of success. Firstly, having an active presence on LinkedIn is crucial in today’s job market. You can showcase your career journey here, and employers can discover you. Updating your LinkedIn profile regularly, even when you are not actively seeking employment, can help you keep track of your professional growth and make updating your CV easier.

Using relevant keywords from job descriptions in your resume can increase the chances of recruiters reviewing your resume and reaching out to you for an interview. You can also improve your CV’s appearance by simplifying its layout, using readable fonts and font sizes, and listing your experiences in bullet points.

When updating your work experience, start with your most recent positions and ensure that you only include relevant experience for the role you are applying for. Including your educational background starting from university, additional online courses or certifications, and any awards or achievements showcasing your skills can help highlight your strengths and passion for your industry.

Choosing key references that can speak highly of you is crucial, especially when most companies perform background checks before hiring. It is advisable to select a university tutor if you are entering your first role after university, a senior colleague if you have years of experience, or simply write “References on request” if you wish to keep their identities confidential.

Job hunting is stressful, but the Global Edge is here to help. Visit our careers page to view our open job opportunities and apply today!

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