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Our People: Seth Baker


22 June 2023

Kaleigh Habeck

At the Global Edge, we take immense pride in the talented individuals contributing to our success. In this staff spotlight, we delve into the journey of Seth Baker, Senior IT Administrator, and gain a deeper understanding of his invaluable role within our organization.

Seth Baker embarked on his Global Edge adventure in October 2021, initially joining as a temporary team member. What started as a six-month contract soon became an extended offer for a full-time position in January 2022. Seth has demonstrated unwavering dedication and adaptability throughout his tenure, embracing new responsibilities.

Coming from a background in service and sales, he found parallels between his previous industry and his current role in recruitment. However, at Global Edge, he has been able to explore his passion for IT and thrive in a supportive environment. As part of the backbone of our organization, Seth takes pride in providing comprehensive support to internal employees and external contractors.

A typical day for Seth involves ensuring everyone has the necessary tools to excel in their roles. From troubleshooting computer issues to facilitating seamless communication and resolving technical glitches, his commitment to maintaining a smooth workflow is evident. Additionally, Seth has played a pivotal role in integrating new systems, reducing dependence on external service providers, and streamlining operations for greater efficiency.

The Global Edge’s focus on professional development has been instrumental in Seth’s growth. He notes that the company is supportive in allowing him to operate independently while providing guidance and fostering a goal-oriented mindset. Rather than burdening employees with busy work, he feels that the Global Edge prioritizes quality over quantity, encouraging individuals to improve themselves and contribute to the company’s advancement.

“As a professional, I feel like I can set goals for myself and that they would support me in accomplishing them.”

One of the standout qualities of the Global Edge is its dedication to cultivating industry professionals. Seth attests to the abundance of opportunities for growth and the company’s commitment to investing in its workforce. Whether attending conferences, participating in training programs, or expanding his skill set, Seth acknowledges the continuous support they receive to enhance their expertise.

The dynamic nature of the IT field demands specific hard skills, and Seth recognizes their significance. Beyond basic computer knowledge, he emphasizes the importance of troubleshooting and critical thinking abilities. Diagnosing and resolving issues efficiently is a crucial aspect of his role, ensuring seamless operations and providing practical support to his colleagues.

Reflecting on his time at the Global Edge, Seth expresses gratitude for the warm and inclusive work environment. Transitioning from a retail and sales background, he found the collaborative and supportive nature of the team refreshing. The acknowledgment and appreciation he receives for his contributions motivate him to consistently improve and offer valuable insights for the betterment of the business.

“I feel like what I do here affects the business in a way, and they really, truly appreciate what I do.”

With the increasing reliance on technology, Seth acknowledges his pivotal role in the Global Edge’s success. His commitment to providing exceptional IT support and his unwavering dedication to the company’s vision makes him a go-to resource within the organization. As the Global Edge navigates new challenges and opportunities, Seth stands ready to overcome any obstacle and contribute to the company’s growth.

At Global Edge, we are proud to have individuals like Seth Baker, who embody our core values and make a lasting impact on our journey toward excellence with an edge.

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