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What to Do When Waiting on Recruiter Feedback


21 November 2019

Stephanie Taylor

Waiting for feedback from a recruiter can be an anxious time for job seekers. The uncertainty of whether their resume has been received or gone unnoticed can create unease. Additionally, one may question whether they made the right decision to choose a recruiter. Such doubts can cause candidates to second-guess their career decisions.

To maintain professionalism during this time, treating the relationship with the recruiter delicately is crucial. After a week of waiting, it is appropriate to call the recruiter, stating your first and last name, the reason for your call, and the position you were submitted to. It is important to remember that recruiters work with multiple candidates.

It is best to ask for a timeline during the call if feedback is not provided. Also, communicate that you are open to other opportunities that fit your background. Keep the conversation brief and avoid discussing irrelevant topics to avoid appearing unprofessional.

If another week has passed without feedback, sending an email to the recruiter is recommended. In the subject line, include your full name and the position you were submitted to. In the email, summarize your experience and explain why you would be a good fit for the opportunity. Keep the email professional and concise, and avoid sending messages on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

To improve your job-seeking journey, stay active on different job boards, and be aware of upcoming large projects. Recruiters can also guide building a stronger resume, networking, and career path decisions.

It is essential to remain a strong professional candidate when dealing with recruiters, as it will benefit your job search in the long run.

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